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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 3, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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right now, millions of families are still without power tonight on the east coast and frustrated with the lack of gasoline and now a storm is in the forecast. also president obama and governor romney are busy campaigning in the swing states just three days before the election. the hockey left out has left businesses scrambling to get creative to make up for the lost revenue. good evening. welcome to the special edition of nbc bay area news. we begin with a change in the forecast. the sunny weather is about to get hot. we'll see when we can expect the heat to hit.
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hello, rob. >> pretty nice day today. we did see temperatures warm up a few degrees into the mid-70s for most inland today. today's highs include 77 at south san jose. about 76 degrees. things are about to get a lot warmer. high pressure will strengthen as we wrap up the weekend which mean we could get a bit of patchy dense fog. 70s and 80s tomorrow. looks like we have a good shot of seeing some low 80s inland and by monday mid to upper 80s are possible. my advice to you is to not get too used to it because by the end of the seven-day forecast there's a chance of mountain know. we're going to try to explain what's happening to your seven-day forecast and how hot the temperatures will get in our full forecast coming up in a few minutes. it's the weekend but there's no break from work and no time to rest for millions who survive
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superstorm sandy. the clean up and recovery continues. thousand offense people waiting in line. >> i got an emergency. >> it's bad. >> 8500 gallons of gas can't pump fast enough. >> i'm out here for like maybe an hour and a half and i'm freezing. >> reporter: on bedford avenue in brooklyn people carried unconvention that wi unconventional containers. >> we need help. i need help. >> reporter: fuel trickled slowly after one hose stopped working. >> it's a long line. guess we got to stick it out. >> gas tank. >> reporter: frustration flaired. >> this man was not in the line in front.
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please move him. >> reporter: nypd officers tried to keep people in line. in queens a similar scene. with the sunsetting and temperatures dipping and no guarantees. >> the lines are so long. just waiting and hoping they aren't out of gas. >> republicans are blaming the president for the lack of gasoline and power along the east coast. democrats say the administration was proactive and prepared the region as much as possible. the candidates are flying back and forth from the seven toss upstates that could make the difference on election day. >> reporter: the candidates w e
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criss crossing be . >> it's hard to run away from that position when you're on video tape when you're saying let's let detroit go bankrupt. >> reporter: every baby they pose with and every hand they shake could make a difference. governor romney traveled from new hampshire to iowa to colorado. the president was in ohio, wisconsin, iowa and virginia. their surrogates were all over the map. romney appeared with nascar legend richard petty. the president got a boost from pop star katy perry. the destruction and misery left behind by sandy continues to be a wild card in a tight race for
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the white house. it's expected to raise about $6 billion to help close and help fund education. there are mixed feelings about the plan. >> what they're going to do is use the money they would have had to use to fund education this year and spend that on other projects they want to use tax increase for. >> we stand for school and the future. that's why proposition 30 will have a strong win on tuesday. >> proposition 30 faces challenges from rival proposition 38. fire at an apartment complex
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has forced ten people out of their homes tonight. fire officials say the damage could have been worse if it weren't for the quick thinking of workers on a nearby barge. this was sent to us by viewers. a barge that was doing some dredging work in the area sprayed water onto the flames until the firefighters arrived. no one was hurt and it was likely sparked by barbecue materials left on the deck overnight. coming up next on nbc bay area news, the giants season may be over but that didn't stop thousands of people from converging in at&t park. 30 lucky fans got their hand s n a piece of history today for free. we'll explain. bars and restaurants are trying to draw in customers without the lure of the nhl. i'll have details on this,
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one of the hotly contested races is the supervisor seat. they had the chance to hear from three of the four candidates at a forum today. >> reporter: voters packed a coffee house in union city to hear from district two candidates. the board of supervisors appointed richard valle has the replacement. he wants to finish out the remaining two years of her term. >> there are very few places people without health care insurance can get good quality
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health care. >> reporter: the mayor says he a has the edge in the race because of his long experience and success as a public servant. >> i've been in local and regional government for 20 years which when you add up the elected experience of my three opponents, that's more than all three of them combined. >> 911 is delayed because the more you cut, the more you lose. people will lose security of having them around the corner. mailers reminding voters of her conviction earlier this year for
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shoplifting. the past is an issue in this campaign. >> i think unless you have your head in the sand you're not paying attention to the reality of the people in this race. >> the assemblywoman is campa n campaigning door to door this weekend and will not be available until tuesday which is election day. she's raised more than $200,000 for her campaign. businesses in downtown san jose is scrambling to come up with a way to get business. >> reporter: the san jose sharks were supposed to be playing hockey tonight at the shark
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tank. there were supposed to be thousands of fans going to the game and then bringing in business to the bars and restaurants downtown. the pavilion will remain quiet without game frss for a while. all games have been cancelled. the cancellation of the winter classic, the out door game between the detroit red wings could signal even more of the season being cut if not the entire season itself. the lockout has been torture on the bars and restaurants that thrive. >> it definitely is hard. you improvise and focus on other events. you just have to try different stuff. we do trivia.
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>> he's also had to cut hours for his staff. on a regular hockey night he would have about ten wait staff. tonight he only has five. there was a glimmer of hope today. they had representatives meeting in a secret location this afternoon. that was the first time they would restart talks since the talks broke off on october 18th. not much progress was expected today. organizers call it the world series of science. thousands of families headed to at&t park today to encourage kids to unleash their inner scientists.
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cheryl hurd is in the spotlight for 25 years of exceptional work. the national academy of television arts and sciences is recognizing her for her significant contribution to television in northern california. >> he's been making deadlines covering stories that have impacted lyes and shaped the bay area's rich history. she's never backed down. not even tear gas could stop her. >> you heard it. the tear gas just went off and it's pretty strong. >> she's covered just about every story out there. not only that she's one of the funniest and kindest people i know. everyone just loves cheryl and congratulations. children from all over the bay area had a chance to unleash their inner scientist today. thousands after families headed to at&t park for the bay area
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science festival discovery day. more than 150 labs and businesses set up exhibits and demonstrations. organizers hope today's event will want to learn more about science engineering and technolo technology. >> the future of science, of clinical care depends on the best kids caring about the subjects and thinking they are fun and exciting and interesting. this festival is all about that. >> this was the second year this event was held. about 25,000 people showed up. 25,000. i said that. that's 4,000 more than last year. organizers say the great weather had a lot to do with the great turn out. right now we'll check in with the great weather. we're going to have more of that weather and then change again. >> things will feel like the end of summer as we wrap up the weekend. right now it's a little cool outside.
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50s now. not much of a sea breeze tonight especially in those inland valleys. it's going to be warming up as the ocean air-conditioning shuts off for the next couple of days. something you'll notice tomorrow morning, it will be patchy areas. cool start to the morning with 40s and 50s. we're going to go on a bit of a roller coaster ride in the seven-day forecast. from sunday to tuesday, 70s and maybe mid-80s inland. just as you get used to that, big change in our weather. we'll see highs diving down into the 50s and 60s. right now satellite radar shows a bit of a transition taking place. you can see the storm track off to the north and high pressure building in. strengthening or reaching its peak by monday. in between now and then we're going to see the fog around for some parts of the bay area for morning. by the afternoon wide spread 70s. mid-70s in the forecast for san francisco and very likely almost
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near 80 in oakland tomorrow. low to mid-80s on sunday. it's possible we could see upper 80s on monday. you don't have to get that warm add you get into november. mid-80s will be that threshold and a couple of days we could see that. cloud cover not out there. the coastal blanket of low cloud staying offshore. notice our time change tonight. we get the extra hour of sleep as we rewind the clocks. sunset just about 5:00 in the evening. 50 as you get your day started. san jose low 80s. you see san francisco over the oakland looking at highs in the mid to upper 70s. the first three days warming up
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but the big transition day will be wednesday into thursday. you'll see things cooling off. this is something of a canadian cold front that's dropping down. not only will we see the chance of rain late in the week but you'll notice a 30 degrees drop in temperatures. air that's cold enough. >> i love the bay area. let's bring in brody brazil. hopefully things are better today. stanford did well today. >> that is true. cal last night not so successful.
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stanford in colorado nor the first time since 1990. the cardinal worry about the high altitude environment. we'll tell you what the real factor turned out to be in sports. ah.
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just two minutes into his night brandon rush went up for a dunk, was fouled in the process and landed on his left leg. he was in pain and frustration and today we know why. rush tore his left acl and will miss the rest of this regular season. in college brandon tore his right acl and tweeted this today. been through this before. just going to make me an all around better player, end quote. the a's made news today by signing the pitcher to a second
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straight one year contract. he'll make $3 million plus incentives next season. this after he sits out the next first five of the season to finish off a 50 game suspension he was handed back in august. stanford will take the lead and never look back. it's 7-0 cardinal at this point. 21-0 stanford. four plays later stanford on the one. hogan pass wide open. it's 28-0 cardinal. stanford goes onto win 48-0. the first time colorado has been shut out at home since 1986.
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the san jose spartans trying to become bold eligible against idaho. indeed it is a touchdown, 14-7 spartans. fourth quarter now, 45-13. interce intercepted by benet. san jose state wins 42-13. they are now bowl eligible. the breeders cup taking place at santa anita park. game on dude is your favorite. he went to 7-5.
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>> runs on him. spartan. he's second. >> happy birthday bryan hernandez. we begin and will end with the warriors. they are facing the clippers at staples center. highlights for that one at our news at 11:00. you saw the story earlier. today the players and owners met for the first time in two weeks. it's depressing stuff. >> good news as you mentioned san jose state bowl eligible
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along with stanford. >> san jose state has really turned the program around. their head coach has gone from the low of lows and brought this team to a situation where they are bowl eligible. they are working their way up the ladder. i can say i'm happy to see it. >> i am too. thanks a lot, brody. see you later. promotions involving the san francisco giants are not over yet. today some fans across the bay area took part in a giant scavenger hunt. the best view for the best punt.
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he was the first to find the limited edition bat. >> feels great. this is amazing. >> it is really cool. the hunt just wrapped up about a half hour ago. this is a picture of the lucky winner of bat number 30 there. that's it. good night.
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